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Connu de nos services

A documentary by Jean-Stéphane Bron

Reading through the thick files which the police have built up over a period of 13 years, concerning his activities as an activist associated with a number of left-wing organisations, Claude Muret at the age of 50 discovers a unique record of his youth. The years when he was under close surveillance by the Swiss authorities, beginning in 1964 when at the age of 16 Muret joined his first “demo” as a Communist – a peace march organised by the Swiss nuclear disarmament movement. The record ends on the day in 1977 when he married. In the person of Claude Muret, played by himself, and the former Lausanne police officer Ernest Hartmann, also more or less playing himself, the film confronts (with humour and tenderness) a generation of activists dreaming of a better world with the officials whose job was to keep a watchful eye on all “malcontents”.

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