Lust for sight

Haunted by the fear of becoming blind, Manuel von Stürler throws himself into a quest to understand the illness that dangerously afflicts his sight. Thus he transforms his fury tosee into a journey of discovery. He tells us about the patient’s status compared to that of the medical staff and discloses his strategies facing everyday life.

What is it to see ? By looking foranswers to this fascinating question, the movie opens to a new understanding of the handicap, seen here as a richness, as another experience of the world and reality.

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A production Bande à part Films, Les films du tambour de soie.

A movie by Manuel von Stürler

  • Screenplay : Manuel von Stürler, Claude Muret
  • Cinematography : Claire Mathon
  • Sound : Marc von Stürler
  • Editing : Karine Sudan
  • Sound editing and mixing : Etienne Curchod
  • Music : Arthur Besson
  • Location manager : Elena Avdija

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